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What We’re All About

As cannabis lovers and growers with 20+ years’ experience in the cannabis space, we are focused on craft style flower production in a commercialized setting, to provide the cleanest and highest quality flower to our consumers at a fair market price. With detailed focus on flavor (terpene production and retention) and THC levels, gives our strains distinct differences from one another, with no two strains having the same taste, or smell. Truly producing THE CHRONIC.  Our cultivation practices are focused on a holistic approach, using beneficial organisms, and other natural growing practices, while avoiding a sterilized root environment (e.g., using bleaches, acids, oxidizers) to produce our product. This is the best and cleanest product for any consumer to consume, who really wants to smoke product that was grown in bleach? Truly the proof is in the buds, our product tests exceptionally clean for bacteria and heavy metals, and THC levels at the high end of the market, along with an abundance of terpenes for great flavor and multiple therapeutic effects.


Currently in the medical market, we have 2 class C cultivation licenses, and a processing license. In the adult use market, we have a class c cultivation license, and in the process to obtain our processing license. Our current operations consist of one indoor craft grow, and three greenhouses used for processing production. We look forward to your support, as we rapidly expand in the market.


What is a Chronicseur?

  • A Chronicseur is a cannabis consumer who is looking for the best craft style product available for any particular strain, which includes terpene levels (Flavors, Effects), THC levels, along with an aesthetically pleasing appearance from being hand trimmed.

  • A consumer who knows the distinct differences and effects from terpenes and strains (Indica/Sativa)

  • A consumer who understands the details, and techniques that produce high quality craft cannabis.

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